Notion Ink releases Android 4.0 Alpha ROM for Adam

Notion Ink has released the Alpha version of its Android 4.0.3 based firmware for Adam tablet. It is now available for downloaded from NI blog. Being an alpha, there is still a lot of stuff remaining to be sorted out, major components such as 3G, camera, light sensor, HDMI sound etc. are not working right now.

Notion Ink Adam Alpha ROM Details:

What is working?

Audio, Some Sensors (including Compass), Bluetooth, Hardware Acceleration, Accelerated Video, Wi-Fi, HDMI Video (no sound), Capacitive Buttons, Back Buttons, SD Card Mount, GPS, 120dpi launcher fix

What is not working?

3G, Camera, USB plugged-in at boot, USB mass storage and MTP, USB Flash Drive, Light Sensor, Sleep Bug, Video Acceleration for High Quality YouTube Video, HDMI Sound

Installation Instructions via Notion Ink:

  • Copy and to the external sdcard.
  • Start the device in recovery mode.
  • Select Install from external SD Card
  • Once complete, reboot to recovery mode again
  • Wipe the data and select the option – install zip from SD card.
  • Select choose zip from SD Card
  • Select
  • Wipe the data and cache
  • Reboot the device

In case of any issues, please refer to this thread.

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