LG, Google in talks for Nexus style Google TV for version 3.0

Recently announced 3D LG Smart TV with Google TV 2.0

Google is currently in talks with LG to provide company with the first access to Google’s next version of Google TV software, much like what it does in the Nexus program for phones. If talks are successful, we will be seeing a Nexus style Google TV by the end of this year, reported Bloomberg.

LG is one of the recent partners that have joined in Google TV initiative along with Samsung, Vizio and chipmakers MediaTek and Marvell. Company also showcased a 3D Smart TV based on Google TV 2.0 at CES.

No decision about the early access to Google TV 3.0 has been taken till now, an LG spokeswoman told Bloomberg from Seoul, declining to share more details.

There are no surprise here, considering Google’s similar approach with Android smartphones has been quite successful and earlier Nexus phones like Nexus One and Nexus S have played a significant part in the success of the platform by acting as the reference model for manufacturers.

According to Bloomberg, Google will introduce the next version of Google TV by the end of this year, with more content and easier functions to find shows.

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