CyanogenMOD nightlies start arriving for Xperia Pro, Active and Live in Walkman

Soon after bringing the nightlies for three LG devices, CM team has did the same for three Sony Ericsson smartphones. SE Xperia Pro, Active and Live with Walkman have started getting their first official CyanogenMOD builds in the form nightlies since yesterday.

If you don’t understand the concept of nightlies, a nightly is a daily build released every night after the day’s coding. So, very often the new functionalities that are part of a nightly are less-tested and may have some issues.

The current crop of nightlies is based on CyanogenMOD 7, which means these are Gingerbread builds. To use CM, you will need to root your phone, flash CWM recovery and then download the nightly and install it via recovery along with Google Apps add-on.

You can grab nightly downloads from the following links.

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman (coconut), Xperia Pro (iyokan), Xperia Active (Satsuma)

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