Convert your Xoom Wi-Fi to Google Experience Device with Xoot

Bought your Xoom Wi-Fi outside US, but looking for faster updates then it’s time to convert your regional Xoom to a Google Experience Device ((GED) – same ones that are sold in US). Turning it to a GED means you will be getting updates directly from Google, which believe me is a lot faster than getting them from Moto.

How to do that:

Developer named epic118 has released this nifty tool called Xoot at XDA to achieve this and a lot more. Xoot can root your Xoom, unlock bootloader and even flash boot animations. Released today, it is rather untested right now, so please be cautious before doing anything.

Xoot Details:

Size: 5.15MB

Required OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista

Anything else: Xoom Wi-Fi only version, USB cable, Xoom GED HWI69 files (download from here), ADB drivers t (download them from here).

What can it do?

  • Bootloader lock/unlock
  • Root your XOOM (thanks solarnz)
  • Convert from a region XOOM to a GED XOOM
  • Flash non-flashable boot animations

Xoot Download and other details are available at the original thread.

PS: Don’t do anything that you are not sure of, you might harm your tablet.

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