Intel Medfield SoC benchmarks leaked; will it be able to compete?

We are going to see the first devices running Intel’s all new Medfield SoC at the Consumer Electronics Show next month, but there is a big question mark on whether Intel has got it right this time. A very late entrant in mobile device chip space, Intel is going to face severe competition from the likes of Qualcomm, Samsung, NVIDIA and Texas Instruments.

So, how does Intel’s Medfield SoC perform compared to other chipsets? The answer (sort of) was revealed by VR Zone via leaked benchmarks of Intel’s reference tablet Red Ridge. Medfield scored 10,500 in the Caffeinemark 3 Java benchmark, whereas dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon scores somewhere around 8,000, Tegra 2 around 7500 and Samsung Exynos around 8500.  Looks like we have got a show, but Medfield has to compete with Tegra 3 not Tegra 2 and Qualcomm’s next generation of processor. So, it is still early to call a winner, but it is sure that Medfield is not going to bite the dust.

Main worry for Medfield is the power consumption, the reference tablet is consuming 2.6W in idle (target – 2W), which obv goes up while watching 720p video to 3.6W (target – 2.6W). To put this in perspective Tegra 3 consumes only 2W in full load.

Further Reading: VR Zone | MIT Tech Review

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  1. Thats the area where they need to LEARN. They’ve been making PC processors for a long time, but the scenario with the mobile devices is different.


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