Nexus S getting Ice Cream Sandwich update now; how to update manually

Google has started rolling out Android 4.0 update for GSM Nexus S owners, this OTA roll-out will continue like this over the coming month. So, don’t worry if you don’t get the update right away.

There is no confirmation about the regional availability of the update, we are checking it out right now and will update the post accordingly. Android 4.0 brings a whole new UI, Android Beam, People App, Performance Improvements, Face Unlock and a lot of other new features.


If you cannot wait for the OTA, you can use the following instructions to apply the update manually (works on GT-I9020T and GT-I9023).

  • Download the Update from here
  • Rename the downloaded file to
  • Copy to the root of your internal storage
  • Switch off your Nexus S
  • Hold Volume Up and Power to reboot into the bootloader
  • Select “Recovery,” then press power button
  • Once the triangle appears, press power button and volume up at the same time to enter recovery
  • Select “Apply update from /sdcard”.
  • Once the process is finished, reboot your phone and you are good to go.


  1. This update works fine with the indian version I9023

    ive updated it without any problems and its working great guns…incredibly smooth


  2. I have a doubt here!!
    Copy to the root of your internal storage.
    What is root of internal memory??
    IS it /mnt/sdcard OR /sdcard OR /root OR /


  3. installed 4.0.3 – hardest part was to get into the “Apply update from /sdcard” menu
    you have to press the up / power key really quickly or it will not work.
    applied the update yesterday. all works fine (netherlands)

    I do have a bit of worries about WiFi…
    it is connecting OK, but earlier today, I had to turn off WiFi and turn it on, and then it authenticated properly and the wireless icon turned blue. before that it was gray, and I had no internet at home (while I was 3 meters away from the router)
    it seems to loose it’s connection when it goes to sleep.
    my advanced settings are to keep WiFi always on also during sleep


  4. I have updated my Nexus S which I bought from Eros Elect. Dubai, UAE.
    The above method was very smooth and no issues
    Wi-Fi, 3G, works fine.
    No issues with battery.
    First I got 8 hours and the 12 hours on full recharge.
    I didn’t lose any settings with emails, contacts, messages, Wi-Fi password or apps after the update except G+, but when I went to market it ask for an update and it start working fine. The GUI navigation experience is marvelous.
    Camera focusing is quick as mentioned it can be used as sniper. Panorama was an added feature.
    Another important thing which I like was some email widgets and on Home screen you can group icons to a folder and name it as you like. I had this feature before in IPHONE 4 but this looks better. The home button hold brings all open tasks as small window which looks cute but no way to close it from there.
    Google Map still don’t have voice. I didn’t feel much difference in performance except while dialing or while choosing Dialer and Phone calls. Over all I give 8 marks out of 10 for this update.


  5. Guys, this update is good as well as compatible. No harm. But the only difference it would make is, after you update, u won’t be able to go into the recovery mode. It’s just a bug. No need to worry. The screen goes blank and the soft buttons lit up. If the update is meant for i9020A ONLY, i9023 users might face this problem.
    The difference between i9020A and i9023 is that the former one has amoLED screen while the later has SUperLCD screen. Hence, once it goes in the recovery more the backlight simply shuts down. And if you hold a bright flash light on the screen you can faintly see the cute android sleeping with its belly opened. The menu is on the top somewhere but it’s really hard to spot it.
    Good luck!

    Nexus S i9023


  6. I did as stated above… After i select update from sd card and then…it starts update and immediately says installation aborted. any help???


    • I have the Nexus s I9023.
      I downloaded this and did as it said. when it started to install it went straight to installation aborted.
      why would it do this?
      Anyone have the right download file as i see this is only 131MB and we need the 160MB?



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