Asus is not developing 3G version of Transformer Prime

Asus Germany has stated that they won’t be releasing any 3G/UMTS version of Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime. This quad core tablet is going on sale in its first market Taiwan day after tomorrow.

This is certainly an unusual move, but company is citing non-viability because of low demand to 3G models.

Statement from Asus Germany (Machine translated):

“This time there will be no model with UMTS. We want to emphasize that we are aware of the strong demand for UMTS models in Germany and would like to serve. However, in many other countries’ UMTS networks are not so common and so the worldwide sales volumes for UMTS models are not particularly large. Furthermore, most UMTS pads are sold in Germany through the Telco channel and there are 1 EUR especially subsidized products requires a contract, the price point may not make an Eee Pad Transformer Prime unfortunately”

This means there will only be one version of Prime on sale in Europe and Asia, US might be lucky to get an LTE or CDMA version, but nothing is confirmed about that right now.




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