Motorola Droid 4 official press shots appear

Droid 4 leaks are on fire, soon after the specs list, we now are seeing the official press shots and evolution info-graphic from Verizon. While there is no new piece of information here, but reports suggest that Droid 4 will make its way to stores on December 8.

Droid 4 is expected to generate a lot of interest in QWERTY lovers, as they will be getting a Droid RAZR packed with slide-out keypad.  We are for the official announcement for more details, till then check out one more press shot and evolution info-graphic below.

Droid 4

Click to enlarge


One comment

  1. I know I was waiting for something good but didn’t know what now I know. I have the original droid and haven’t been impressed by droid 2 or 3 but droid 4 seems exciting at least here. I can’t wait until it comes out


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