Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N gets a video demo, attempts to bypass Apple’s patents

Image via

The first news about Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N came last week, when tech blogs reported that Samsung is trying to bypass Apple’s patent claims in Germany by trying to release a redesigned Galaxy Tab 10.1.

If you don’t know about the whole Apple-Samsung Germany episode, you can check here. To give you a gist, Apple had sued Samsung in Germany for allegedly copying the iPad design elements and other patents. Its lawsuit was successful and was granted preliminary injunction, thus barring Samsung from selling Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the country.

To avoid the massive sales loss, company has used a workaround and released a redesigned tablet in the country, which reportedly does not infringe on Apple’s patents. Folks over got their hands on the new tablet recently and have posted quick hands on and unboxing video, giving us a better look of the tablet.

While the internal elements are same as the old version, there is a new silver frame that wraps around the front of the device.

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