LG Optimus 2X getting Gingerbread update in India

We are getting multiple reports that LG has started rolling out the much awaited Android 2.3 update for Optimus 2x in India. Update is not rolling out over the air, so you will have to download LG Mobile Update utility to update your Optimus 2X.

As the updates are rolled out in stages, don’t panic if you don’t get it right away, if will be available very soon. LG has already officially announced that it is releasing the update this month in the country, and its India website is also stating that update is available.

You can grab the update utility download from here.

Do let us know about your experience with the update in comments, and how is Gingerbread treating you.

Thanks Kulbhushan

One comment

  1. Epic fail!!!!
    No noteable change except for the color of notification menu n range icon.minor touch up with ui.
    Browsing through menu is a lil more snappier.Homescreen browsing is still laggy 😦
    The major change is the amount of available free ram. On froyo with only music app running the free ram was 202 or around 200 ,now free ram is 134 max with only music app.
    All the benchmarks show significant reduction in scores.(got 5048 in AnTuTu using froyo , on gb its 4790 )
    No relief from battry issue(may b it wil improve, i hve used it for 2 days only) but something called on-screenphone app has popped up in battery usage menu and is consuming a lot. utterdisappointment


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