Google Music is now open, but only in US

Google has finally jumped in digital music sales business by launching its Google Music service today. An expansion of Google Music Beta, which was launched earlier this year, the new service gives you the access to millions to songs from record labels like EMI, Sony and Universal.

Android users across the United States will be able to buy songs directly from their device using Android Market app or from the web-based Market. Company has also released an updated Google Music app to help you listen to these songs, stream them via your cloud based locker or pin them for offline listening.

The cloud based locker service, which was launched as a limited time free, will now always be free and you can upload upto 20,000 songs in the cloud along with your Google Music purchases. As expected it is always synced for access across devices.

Google Music is offering over 13 million songs from major record labels as well as Independent rights agency Merlin and Independent labels. Company is also introducing a new feature to share a free full play of a purchased song to your Google+ contact.

Along with all this, Google has also released Artist Hub, a place for independent articles to sell their music themselves. Yes create your music, upload it and sell it and you get 70pc of all resulting income and you can complete control of your music.


Starting today, Google Music is open to all in US at and the Android Market mobile app will be updated to reflect the changes over the next few days.

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