Sony launches Tablet S in India for INR 30K

Sony has started selling its first Honeycomb tablet in the Indian market. Priced at INR 29,990 for the 16GB WiFi only version, Tablet S can now be purchased from Sony stores across the country.

Company seems to be selling only one model in the country right now, there is no word on the 3G or 32GB models. Sony Tablet S was internationally launched in August and went on sale in first markets in mid-September.

This wedge shaped tablet features NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 9.4 inch display, Android 3.2, 1GB RAM and 5MP rear camera with 0.3MP front shooter. Tablet S also comes with support for PlayStation certified games and sports an infrared blaster.

Tablet S pricing is certainly on the steep side for a WiFi only tablet and none of company’s content offering like Music Unlimited, E-Books and Videos Unlimited are available in India, making it similar to any Tegra 2 Honeycomb tablet out in the market.

So, how many of you are going to buy Sony Tablet S for INR 29,990?

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  1. all tablet makers have to bear in mind,that they cannot simply offer tablets without 3g,due to lack of wifi hotspots unlike in other countries..this tabet is certainly overpriced which you can expect from any sony product.


  2. This SONY Android 3.2 Tablet S is BETTER THAN iPad 2 on the FOLLOWING GROUNDS but the thing is that in India 3G Version (with 32GB storage) is NOT yet available BUT I guess it’ll be available in 2012 onwards + Waiting for ASTONISHING Sony Tablet P (4G) + Dual Active Screen with FOLD-ABILITY..

    Sony Tablet S is BETTER THAN iPad 2 on the FOLLOWING UNBIASED grounds:

    1) The Sony Tablet S can play Flash contents, the iPad 2 does not.

    2) Browsing capabilities on the Sony Tablet S are much quicker to move around the web. In fact it has the FASTEST BROWSER among all tablets.

    3) Sony Tablet S runs on the Android 3.2 operating system, the iPad is Apples OS.

    4) The Sony Tablet S easily integrates Gmail than Apple’s iPas 2.

    5) The screen is higher resolution on the Sony Tablet S, but a little bit smaller than the iPad 2. It means Sony Tablet S has BETTER PIXEL DENSITY.

    6) The camera on the Sony Tablet S takes clearer pictures and has a higher megapixel count than on the iPad 2

    8) The Sony Tablet S can be used as a UNIVERSAL remote control to control almost anything at your place.

    9) The Sony Tablet S is a good gaming center and can play Playstation games, the iPad 2 also has access to many games over the App store but it runs short of Sony’s capabilities.

    10) The battery life on the Sony Tablet S lasts a bit longer than the iPad 2.

    11) The Sony Tablet S has a built in wedge shape design that works well, the Apple iPad 2 has the option of a protective cover that can convert into a wedge..

    12) The Sony Tablet S has many ports, including an SD port as well as a mini USB Port.

    13) Sony’s tablet gives you the freedom to use apps as you see fit (ie choice of different music players), and Apples iPad pretty much locks you in to their apps (iTunes for music, Quicktime for movies, etc). That can either be seen as a good thing or bad thing depending on your point of view.

    Overall, the Sony Tablet S is recommend over the Apple iPad 2 in terms of features and usability.



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