Google to release Ice Cream Sandwich source code on Nov 17?

It seems we might not have to wait that long for Google to release the source code of its latest Android release Ice Cream Sandwich and it is coming out this Thursday. Android 4.0 will be the first release after Gingerbread to be open sourced, as search engine giant skipped on doing that with Honeycomb.

This news is coming from Notion Ink’s Rohan Shravan, who posted on company’s official blog that November 17th is the day, when he is expecting Google to release the source. Source code is very important for manufacturers as well as developers working on Custom ROMs to start building firmwares based on the OS release.

If you recall, Google had remarked at the Ice Cream Sandwich launch even in Hong Kong that company will make the source code available soon after the Galaxy Nexus release. So, the source code release date also makes one thing certain that we are indeed going to see Galaxy Nexus in the stores on November 17, as several leaks and rumors have pointed out.

We just hope that Shravan is right and it would great to see both Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0 source code out on Thursday.


  1. Ok Daniel, Rohan isn’t a so-called random shit on the web instead he is a genius and the founder of Notioin Ink. Rest you can google it to know more about him. And please… from next time think before what you write! Peace m/


  2. I don’t know why people behaves like this on internet especially on Facebook. They don’t think what the f**k they are speaking or that will hurt the other person………… This is my humble request to everyone think once how much you are intelligent before pointing out some one or scolding some one in an worst way. Useless guys don’t have any work other than commenting some one. Bloody people and bloody minds.


  3. November 17 happens to be the day that the Galaxy Nexus will launch in the UK. Even though it won’t be available in the US until Week 48 (according to a leaked Samsung roadmap), at least it will still be out in another country, which is enough to warrant Google releasing the source code.


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