LG might release Google TV, Logitech says no to Revue 2

South Korean electronics manufacturer LG might launch its first Google TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2012. According to a report in Bloomberg, Google and LG have been in talks and LG might become the second TV maker to join Google TV gang, which recently saw exit of an important partner Logitech (for the time-being).

Google has been trying to build a coalition around its Google TV offering but hasn’t seen that great of a response. Company released first devices last year in October with just two partners Sony and Logitech and one of them is now leaving it.

Logitech yesterday announced that it has no plans to release the second generation of Revue – a Google TV powered set top box. It also stated that releasing a product with beta software at its core was a mistake of gigantic nature and they were wrong in anticipating that it will change the living room dynamics in a single day. Revue cost $100 million to Logitech, and company is still trying to get over that.

With second largest TV maker LG in its lap and the Google TV 2.0 released, Google might be looking to infuse life back in TV software. LG and Google spokespersons have declined to give any statement to Bloomberg. There are no other details available on LG’s Google TV adventure right now.

Those who missed, Google recently released Honeycomb powered Google TV 2.0, it features a simpler interface along with better Youtube experience and Android Market support.

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