Amazon Kindle Fire successor to be called “Kindle Ice”?

It seems that we might have a name of Amazon’s second Android tablet, which is allegedly coming in the first quarter of 2012. Several domain name purchases from the electronic retailing giant suggest that the next tablet will be dubbed as Kindle Ice.

Tech blogs have been flooded with rumors of the second Amazon tablet for a while now and the latest bit of information coming from Fusible gives us a name for that tablet. According to the blog, Amazon purchased over 500 domain names in past to secure online presence of its upcoming tablets and these domain name are versions of three different names – Kindle Fire, Silk Browser and Kindle Ice, yes Kindle Ice.

Story become more interesting with the acquisition of more Kindle Ice related domain names from a Syracuse, New York resident Jeffrey Casserino, who got lucky in grabbing some domain names, while Amazon was busy making the aforementioned 500 purchases.

We have already seen the launch of Kindle Fire and Silk browser, but Kindle Ice is the only name unheard of till now and it would decently with fit the naming scheme it Amazon goes ahead with it for this second Android tablet.

Why would Amazon make such effort of acquire domain names if they were not related to something important?

We all know the Kindle Fire is a stop-gap arrangement until Amazon comes with its own designed tablet. For those who don’t know, Fire is based on RIM Playbook reference design and next tablets would designed by Amazon itself.  Kindle Ice is said to be coming with an 8.9 inch display, but there is no word on other specifications.

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