ICS coming to Samsung Galaxy S2, Note; no luck for LG Optimus 2x

Samsung Italy has officially confirmed that Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note will be getting the Ice Cream Sandwich update, but on the other hand its Korean competitor has dumped Optimus 2X buyers.

LG has stated on its Indian Facebook page that Optimus 2X will be not be getting any Android 4.0 love.  I guess that we had seen that coming as company hasn’t pushed even Gingerbread for the smartphone.

In addition to S II and Note, Samsung will also be releasing ICS for – Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Tab 7.7, and Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus tablets.

But on the LG side, there is no word on ICS availability for Optimus 3D or Optimus Pad, we wouldn’t be surprised if company dups them too. Usually I am not the supporter of all the Android fragmentation talk, but manufacturers like LG are surely make a fun of their consumers by not pushing even a single update after months of release.

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  1. With this attitude of giving updates on their smartphones,LG is definitely going to lose the market and get a big “NO” while choosing their phones.Even buyers will hesitate to buy their new phones as well.


  2. This is so foolish. The small OEMs like ZTE are able to release updates for their phones, but a large company like LG does not support a flagship device? This is the one thing that is holding me back from purchasing an Android device.


  3. It will take a year for Samsung to push ICS update for S2 in India. They haven’t pushed 2.3.4 or 2.3.5 updates yet! We are still stuck with 2.3.3. Other countries have already got 2.3.5 months back!


  4. Who said that SASMUNG did’nt upgraded their budget phones!!!!!All budget phones!!!!!Like SAMSUNG GALAXY POP,GALAXY MINI,GAALXY GIO,GALAXY FIT ETC!!!!!Got GINGERBREAD UPGRADE!!!!! 🙂 SAMSUNG IS BEST!!!!!


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