Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich official, SDK available

Google has officially introduced Android 4.0 today. It is also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, and is the much awaited overhaul for Android.  Some of the prominent features of this Android release include redesigned user interface, improved multitasking, better notifications, facial recognition (Face Unlock), and ramped up NFC support.

Ice Cream Sandwich also brings Android Beam; an NFC based sharing system, which will help you in sharing apps, videos and other content with other NFC Android devices by simply tapping them.

Few new native Android apps have also been introduced in this release and one of the major ones is the People app with integrated Google Plus.

Featured Improvements:

Camera interface has been redesigned for Android 4.0 and now includes a built-in panorama mode, new photo effects like “silly faces”, “background replacement” and many more.

Voice typing: You can watch text instantly appear as you speak with voice input. Touch the microphone on the keyboard and use your voice to instantly type your emails, SMS, or anywhere you want to enter text.

Typeface:  Google has included an entirely new typeface called Robota, it is optimized for high-resolution screens and improves readability and modern feel to the user interface.

You can grab the SDK from here. Detailed post on ICS features is coming in minutes.

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