Has Amazon put Kindle Fire under a separate business?

It seems Amazon is spinning off its Kindle Fire business to a separate entity Seesaw LLC.  The recently files trademarks for Kindle Fire and Amazon Silk browsers have been made in the name of Seesaw, however the patent counsel for both Amazon and Seesaw is same – Purvi Patel of Haynes And Boone.

We haven’t heard any official statement regarding the same from Amazon till now, and are still wondering about the real reason for this spin off, the source of this discovery Fusible points out that by going for a spin off, Amazon can make the necessary investments into its Kindle Fire and other mobile products that may be developed under Seesaw LLC.

Update: The Digital Reader points out that these trademarks filing might mean nothing at all, because it is a normal practice among companies to file paperwork under dummy companies.

Trademarks: 85435365, 85435357, 85434021, 85433969, 85433968

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