Is Amazon tablet really a stopgap arrangement?

With just one day remaining before the Amazon launch event of its rumored Android tablet, tech media is abuzz with rumors and predictions. Some are calling it an iPad Killer, some think as a dud or just a Nook Color competitor and latest bit from GDGT suggests it as a big stopgap arrangement before the actual tablet makes it way to the shelves, probably next year.

According to the site, Amazon has taken the shortcut of basing its tablet design on Blackberry Playbook hardware template, after the in-house Kindle team said no to the project. That’s why Amazon’s upcoming Android tablet will look a lot like Playbook.

It is evident that Amazon did not jump in the in the tablet just because of Apple iPad, but it was because of the success of B&N’s Nook Color. Amazon knew it has content to sell, and providing a device to use that content will surely make some bucks for it, but it had to get in the game before it’s too late. Thus, the stopgap arrangement.

After all, nothing of it is official, so wait for another 24 hours and we will be bringing you all the official details from the launch.

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