After Xoom 2, its Media Edition pops up with smaller display

Remember we showed you an image of upcoming Motorola Honeycomb tablet which seemed to be sporting a seven inch display. Well, that was not 7 inch but a 8.2 inch display.

After flurry of Xoom 2 rumors, we now have information about an alleged Xoom 2 Media Edition. According to Verge, Xoom 2 Media Edition will feature an 8.2-inch HD IPS display with anti-glare coating and Gorilla Glass. It is designed to be portable so it weighs just 430 grams and can be easily held in a single hand.

Company is planning to pitch it as an e-reader replacement and home entertainment device and has packed in essentials like IR Blaster and subwoofer.

In another report, Engadget has pitched in that Xoom 2 Media Edition has been codenamed as “Fleming” and gave us several images to droll over.

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