Google Wallet debuts in United States

After we reported about the Wallet app roll-out to Nexus S 4G users last night via an OTA update, Google went on to officially announce the release of Google Wallet in United States.

Starting today, Sprint Nexus S 4G users will be able to pay using their Citi MasterCard credit card or Google Prepaid Card, which can be funded with any of your existing plastic credit cards. Google is also giving a free token bonus of $10 to the Google Prepaid Card users till the end of the year.

Google Wallet – A quick explanation:

It is an application on your phone, which holds PIN-protected access to your credit cards and prepaid cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards. But when will you use it – According to Google, if you are at a store with MasterCard PayPass kiosk, you can hold your NFC enabled phone up to it to make the necessary payment without using plastic cards or cash, payment information is seamlessly transferred from the phone to the kiosk via NFC (along with your loyalty card and any special offers already present in your Google Wallet app).  MasterCard PayPass kiosks are already available in several hundred thousand merchants across United States.

A quick video demo for you:

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