Sony Tablet S goes on sale in UK, US today and Japan tomorrow

Tablet SSony has starting selling its new Honeycomb tab Tablet S in UK, while it will go on sale in United States today followed by Japan tomorrow.

Powered by Android 3.2, Sony Tablet S is a fresh change from the typical tablets so far and sports a wedge-shaped design. In other features, it comes with a dual core processor by nVIDIA, 9.4-inch touchscreen display, rear and front cameras.


UK: £399 with 16GB of storage and £499 for the 32GB version

US: $499 for 16GB and $599 for 32GB

Japan: 45,000 yen for a 16GB model and 53,000 yen for 32GB model.

“This device truly represents the best of everything Sony has to offer,” said Mike Lucas, senior vice president of Sony Electronics’ Networked Technology and Services Division. “From hardware to software and services, Sony Tablet S embodies all our innovations rolled into one.”

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