Micromax A85 live shots spotted

Live shots of the recently leaked Micromax A85 have come to light. These were recently posted by BGR.in. Although they don’t give any specific details, but they do confirm that we will not be lucky to see Android 2.3 on their dual core smartphone, although I hope that Micromax gets the update later via their OEM.

These images also reveal some kind of custom UI on top of Android, so if you wanted stock Android experience, you will probably be disappointed. You can have a look at the UI in video preview of the original version of the smartphone K-Touch W700 below.


  1. in today’s date who does not use an OEM for manufacturing ? plus ktouch is not a brand just a contact manufacture for alot of brands across the globe, i dont know if you are aware of this but the andoid os license does not lie only with the oem but also is with the brand. so a brand can take a call on the software to be given to the end customer.


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