LG Optimus Net, Pro hands on [Images]

Remember, LG recently announced Optimus Pro and Net Android smartphones internationally and are expected to reach India very soon. We spent some time with both the devices at recently held Qualcomm Indian On 2011.

While Optimus Net is full touch smartphone, Pro comes with a full portrait QWERTY keyboard. These would probably be priced in the INR 10-13K category.

Hands on impressions:

LG has improved quite a lot from Optimus One, its early level smartphones look more polished and worthy. Touch response has increased a lot, and you don’t feel like using a budget smartphone, overall body is obviously plasticky but you get what you pay for.

As both the devices come with 800MHz processor Gingerbread on-board, user experience is nice and smooth. Keypad on Pro seemed nice and typing was easy.

LG has put its own UI over Gingerbread in both the devices, which is so-so and you can always expect a plethora of crap apps pre-loaded on your device.



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