Lenovo IdeaPad K1, ThinkPad tablets coming to India, Australia in Sep

Lenovo India & Australia have confirmed that they will be launching the IdeaPad K1 and Thinkpad tablets in the respective countries this September. Both the tablets were officially announced today and will be first making their way to US in August.

Lenovo Australia has said that consumers will have to pay $569 for IdeaPad K1 16GB WiFi only version and $709 for the 3G version. Similarly, the 32GB non-3G IdeaPad K1 will go for $679 and $809 for the 3G version.

On the other hand, ThinkPad tablets will start at $599 for the 16GB non-3G model, and $729 for the 16GB 3G model. A 32GB model with 3G will also be available for $839.

Lenovo India has not disclosed the pricing as of now, but we are expecting the base model to be priced somewhere around INR 27K.

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More on both tablets here

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