Update Spice Mi 300 to Android 2.2 ‘FroYo’ [Official build from Commtiva Z71 variant]

Spice might have deserted you after the Android 2.1 update last year, but there is still hope for you. Spice Mi 300 is in real a variant of Commtiva Z71 [an OEM device]. The same phone has been released in other markets under different names including in Philippines as Cherry Mobile Nova.

Cherry Mobile recently updated Nova to Android 2.2.1, the same update should very well work on Spice Mi 300, as both are exactly the same devices apart from the outer branding.

Before you go any further, the usual disclaimer applies, that this might void your warranty and don’t do anything that you are not sure.

This update is available via an update tool, which is available for download here.

  • After downloading extract the zip file on a folder in your PC.
  • Run setup.exe
  • Wait for the SUT set up wizard window to appear
  • Click ‘Next’, Next, Next and Finish the Installation
  • Wait for the Software Update Tool to appear.
  • Connect the phone to your PC via USB cable
  • When the phone is connected, click ‘Next’
  • Upgrade. You can see the progress of the update while you wait.
  • Your Spice Mi 300 is now updated to Android 2.2.1
  • Do share your experiences in the comments section.


  1. hello..i want to ask…what about google apps..it’s functional?? and what about other spec (gps,wifi,etc)…..


  2. hey, i am happy with the update on my mi300!!! it runs smoothly and it’s fast! Thank You so Much…. do inform/mail me bout the update for mi300…=)


  3. I try to download the upgrade for NOVA to 2.2.1 but when i install this and try your guide then when the NOVA reboot it will appear on the upper “enter recovery mode” and there is a problem in upgrading. Can you help me with that, even though i try to Factory Reset my NOVA it will always appear and can’t Factory Reset my Cherry NOVA. I hope you can help me with my problem.


  4. Dear all that’s good
    Froyo working good and smooth on Spice MI300.
    I had recently update it. No any confusion about update just install Dot-net Frame work 2.0 and install update tool.
    please not one thing your PC is totally virus free if any confusion mail me.

    I.T Engg Kamal Singh.


  5. Can i get nova 2.2 update zip file;
    Please from anyone (which is not available fm CM website)

    Kindly send it to my mail id



  6. download link dosent works…. page opens written as “Boom Shakalak! Phones are missing. The page you requested cannot be found”…… so pls send me the file on my email id 2009coolrahul@gmail.com….
    i will be thankful 4 dat…….


  7. i need mi300 2.1 update software… i want required is software becz my phne don’t work… plz help me..
    i want this software …


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