HTC Sensation hands on impressions [Images]

HTC today launched Sensation in India at an event in Delhi. We had some time to play with the device, and check infamous WiFi death grip issue. Find our impressions after the break.

These impressions are based on our hands on at the launch event; full review will be posted later depending on how soon we get the device from HTC.

First of all HTC Sense 3.0 rocks, from animations to 3D effects to the lock screen, it is butter smooth. Company has revamped its Sense apps too in 3.0.

Phone is snappy and fast and reason is quite simple – the presence of Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2 GHz dual core processor.

Death Grip is present: Those who don’t know, HTC Sensation has a WiFi death grip issue. If you hold the phone in a certain way [near the top 1/3 of the smartphone] the WiFi signal tends to drop.

We talked about the HTC product manager present about this issue and according to him – if you hold the phone explicitly on the top then only the signals will drop, otherwise you won’t have any problem. It is because of the presence of WiFi circuitry on the top side and on the battery cover too.

He further clarified that you will not lose the connection at the time of death grip, it’s just that the signal strength will drop. You can check death grip in the image below. We will be talking about it in detail in our upcoming review.

With Galaxy S II:


  1. @Gaurav,
    Could you compare it to the Galaxy S II as well? I’ve read various reviews and watched several videos, but it would be good to have another one from you.

    I’m not sure if you have the phone with you, but if possible could you perform the comparisons in these areas:

    – Feel of the phone (solid, quite heavy, just fine, etc.)
    – If you just leave the phone lying flat on the table, on its back with the WiFi connected, does the ‘death grip’ come into play?
    – Browser performance (smoothness) as compared to the Galaxy S and S II
    – “Available System storage capacity”

    I can’t think of anything else for now, but if you can, please do give us some information about these, thanks 🙂


    • @Enthrall I am just waiting for the review unit from HTC, as soon as I get it – I will be happy to do all the comparisons and full review. 🙂


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