[Samsung Galaxy S II] Korea Sales – 1 million, Global sales – 1.3 Million

Samsung Galaxy S2 has got a rocking start in its home country. According to Samsung, over 1 million units of the smartphone were shipped in the first 30 days of sales, which started on April 29.

Here is a quick break up:

  • 100,000 in first 3 days
  • 200,000 in 8 days;
  • 400,000 in 14 days
  • 500,000 in 18 days

On the other hand, Samsung President stated that till now 1.3 million units were sold globally in May i.e. 29 days. Samsung Galaxy S II is only available in select countries till now but Samsung wants it to launch in 120 countries soon, but keeping up with the demand is going to be a big problem for this Korean manufacturer.

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  1. not yet available in our country… waiting for LTE or HSPA+ to arrive next month… Samsung Galaxy S 2 is pretty useless without those connections


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