HTC Incredible S getting Android 2.3 Gingerbread update in India

Incredible-S_1It’s raining Android updates today in India. After the Defy FroYo and Desire HD Gingerbread update, Incredible S is also getting Android 2.3 update in the country. Multiple reports are getting in that the update is live now and is available for download over the air.

Update size is 86MB and you will get the update notification on your Incredible S soon or you can go to Settings >> About Phone >> Software Update to manually check for the update.

Official update changelog hasn’t been released till now; we will update the post as soon as we get it.

Update Details:

  • Baseband version : 20.2805.30.085AU_3805.04.03.27_M
  • Kernel:
  • build no. 2.12.720.5 CL37872
  • Software number 2.12.720.5

Thanks Rahul, Vidyasagar for the tip


  1. Wat the Hell is this?! All are giving away Gingerbreads, But what the Idiots @ Dell Doing? #DellStreak


  2. I both like and hate HTC! They update their phones to the latest gingerbread but at the same time refuse to give the Sense 3.0 features (like the ring lockscreen, 3D effects, and other things)!


  3. well got a message prompting for update. was on 3g, declined,came home tried thru wi-fi and the update tool says no update available. any ideas?


  4. restarted the phone & searched again.
    the update is available.
    this could be a solution if anyone has the same issue


  5. Got the update myself in India yesterday. Had the same issue as Dan’s, but managed to get it when I tried checking for an update again (without restarting the phone). That also worked.

    Btw, the font size seems to have increased for me post the update (on Incredible S). Did anyone else also face that issue? And has anyone been able to see any “real” changes / benefits with the upgrade?


  6. HTC Incredible S updated today. Boots/Starts slower than previous version & also takes time to shutdown too.


  7. I guess the biggest improvement is the ability to change the widget placing..concurrent space provision of other items on the screen when u drag n drop another widget..if u have the Google search widget n 4 app icons just above u want to switch their places u just drag n place the Google search bar n the 4 icons move to where the search widget was..a welcome change


  8. Any idea about HTC sensation’s launch. I am waiting for it before I buy a phone. I have got may-june all over the net. Any clues?


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