Is Samsung making Android powered Kindle tablet for Amazon?

Rumors regarding Amazon’s Android tablet do not seem to die down, the latest bit of information is hinting that Samsung might be working on this tablet. We are calling it Kindle Tablet till Amazon gives it a name.

gdgt is reporting that they are 99% percent certain that Samsung is the manufacturer of this tablet for Amazon and they are putting their bet on super customized build of Android put on this device.

It is pretty obvious that Amazon would not jump in hardware arena, so they would rather sell this device to get leverage of its other core businesses, including the popular e-book selling. Kindle has been the most selling device for Amazon, but with the arrival of tablets consumer might be tempted to get the rather than spending money on two things, so Amazon wants to tap that arena by deeply integrating its services in this tablet.

The recent launch of Amazon Appstore for Android is step in that direction and we are sure that company would want to add more service to take full profit out of this tablet. The tablet is expected to be priced attractively, may be under USD 300 similar to Nook Color.

Well, as of now nothing is official; we are keeping a close eye on the developments and will keep on reporting them as usual.


One comment

  1. I’m sure Amazon wants to counter the Nook Color not to mention maximize their Android app store. Maybe they’ll just pick one of the new Galaxy Tabs and just customize the software–you’re not going to get too much better than the Galaxy Tab at this point.


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