Android Market gets first manufacturer dedicated tab and its benefits

In the bid to give manufacturers yet another way to differentiate their Android smartphones, Google today allowed Sony Ericsson to become the first manufacturer to have a dedicated channel in Android Market.

This Sony Ericsson Android Market channel allows users to download original apps from the company and also get the timely updates. This move will also enable manufacturers to pass on the updates easily to for their customizations on the smartphones.  As we all know that every manufacturer does some or the other UI/App tweaks to make its device unique from other devices, but these tweaks get updates only when company pushes an OTA update or with the Android version updates. But, with the dedicated channel in Android market, it will easier to simply pass on the updates.

Sony Ericsson is also trying to do the same and most of its original apps, which are part of its Timescape user interface [UI], are present in this Android market channel.  This move might also help in reducing the fragmentation from Android in the longer run.

On the downside, this dedicated channel replaces the “My Apps” tab from Android Market and you will have to access “My Apps” via the option in menu.  Company has started pushing this Android Market version starting today and your Sony Ericsson device will get it soon on the sim-unlocked devices, but if you have a carrier-locked device, it might take sometime.

What is Sony Ericsson trying to with this dedicated tab in Android Market:

–          Recommendations for games & applications

–          Place to find the original apps from Sony Ericsson

–          On stop shop for sell exclusive games & apps

–          Help our developer partners promote their apps & games giving them a highlighted market space to our consumers.

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