Best Apps for HTC Thunderbolt 4G

HTC Thunderbolt will be available starting today on Verizon. While it will come pre-installed with apps like EA’s Rock Band, Gameloft’s let’s Golf, Tunewiki and Bitbop, there are still several more apps in available in the Android Market for you. We have compiled a list of such apps, which you would want on your brand new HTC Thunderbolt 4G.

Adobe Reader: The free app lets you view, zoom and perform other basic interactions with PDF and other documents, directly on your HTC Thunderbolt. [Market Link]

Astro File Manager: One thing the Android OS lacks is a solid way to navigate your SD card to find files, but no worries Astro File Manager is a great free addition to your Thunderbolt. The interface is extremely basic, it allows you to explore your SD card, move, rename, delete and back up files while on the go. Alternatively you can also opt for ES File Explorer.  [Market Link]

Pandora Radio: Pandora Radio is your own personalized radio now available to stream music on your phone.  Start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a “station” that plays their music and more music like it. [Market Link]

Banking Apps: Bank of America, Chase Mobile, Citi Bank, Wells Fargo

ebay for Android: With the eBay app you can browse, buy, and easily check your eBay activity on the go. Receive alerts when your watched items or auctions are ending soon or when you have been outbid, so you never miss the opportunity to get that hard-to-find item. Sellers can also manage eBay listings and provide fast customer service no matter where they are. [Market Link]

News Apps: Sky News, Fox News, USA Today, FT

Read it later: Read It Later has finally released an official Android application. So from now on, you can read all the saved web articles on your Android devices, as per your convenience even without data connection. [Market Link]

Double twist player: DoubleTwist Player is the best all-in-one music, radio and video app. It finds all the music on your phone and syncs music and video with the free doubleTwist app on PC. [Market Link]

Evernote: From notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings, put everything into Evernote. It will all instantly synchronize from your phone to the Web to your PC. [Market Link]

Fring: Download FringOut to access cheap phone calls to any number in the world! This is easier than any other SIP and way cheaper than other services like Skype. [Market Link]

Kindle for Android: The Kindle book reader helps in taking your entire library (and a bookstore) with you wherever you are. Search and preview titles, download entire books, and read them on-demand. Amazon’s Kindle for Android comes with a tweakable reader, so you can change font size, background color, bookmarks and everything else to make for a comfortable reading experience. [Market Link]

SoundHound: What’s that song? Identify it Fast with SoundHound. SoundHound, the famous music search and discovery app, now has unlimited music recognition. You can ID songs blazing fast, search by singing, see lyrics, and browse artists to your heart’s content. [Market Link]

Bluetooth File Transfer: Use your smartphone to browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device, using File Transfer Profile (FTP) and Object Push Profile (OPP): you can also receive files and send contacts. [Market Link]

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