Motorola looking for testers for Milestone FroYo update

It seems Android 2.2 update for Motorola Milestone is finally coming to reality. According to a post in Motorola support forums, company is looking for early testers before the full release. Milestone Europe owners interested in taking part can check more about it here.

Normally, if the results of such user-based testing are normal, companies pass on the full update release pretty soon. So, get ready guys, Motorola might keep the promise of delivering FroYo update for Milestone in Q1.

Thanks Ruchir


  1. Wow, so the Tip Us button works!
    Looking forward to Indian Testing Schedule for Milestone.
    Must be coming soon in nest few weeks…


  2. Excellent, more testing… They have been testing this software for 3 quarters already!

    Motorola is terrible when it comes to software updates, either Google or HTC do much better job. Motorola is so terrible that there are hate groups against them, Google for MotoFail … Nobody should buy another Motorola device (although they do shiny devices like xoom, atrix etc. once you buy it, they become quickly obsolete since Motorola does not provide updates…)


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