Sub-150 USD phone shipments to reach 20 mn in 2011

The number of sub-$150 Android phones is expected to grow by eight to ten folds this year, buoyed by the growing demand and manufacturers’ efforts to push their phones in the emerging markets, estimated Digitimes Research.

Although the shipments of entry-level Android handsets which cost less than US$150 totaled only 2.5 – 3 million units last year majority of them from Chinese manufacturers like Huawei  and ZTE, the number is likely to reach 20-25 million units in 2011.

Google’s efforts to drive-in the Android phones towards promising markets, strong demand from markets in China, India, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Soviet Union, and a shift from feature phones to smartphones in mature markets, will together  work to stir up shipments of Android phones, Digitimes added.

Along with Huawei, ZTE, Samsung Samsung, LG and Motorola are also likely to increase their presence in the entry-level Android segment. We have already seen a slew of entry-level Android phone launches from Samsung two days back.

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