RIM mulling to allow Android apps on Playbook

This is the biggest rumor of the day. According to BGR, Research in Motion is seriously considering using Dalvik virtual machine for its Playbook and may be future devices, which is the same VM used by Android.

And, if RIM chooses Dalvik, it would allow RIM’s PlayBook and other QNX devices to run applications built for the Android, which will truly be a great step for RIM’s future.

BGR thinks that RIM can go in two different ways about this:

One where RIM uses the open source Dalvik VM and does not involve Google, and another (incredible) scenario where RIM and Google might reach an agreement (basically “certify” the device/platform) that would provide official support to Android apps on RIM’s QNX-based OS, and would feature the Android Market, Google’s Gmail, Maps, and other apps.

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