Motorola Defy launched in India for Rs 18500

As we reported last week, Motorola officially launched Defy in India today. This rugged Android smartphone will be sold for Rs. 18,500.

Motorola Defy comes with Motoblur, Android 2.1 on-board, 3.7-inch touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera with autofocus, flash and OMAP 3610 chip running at 800MHz. On the rugged front, Defy is dust proof and water resistant, together with having a scratch proof glass screen.

Defy is available across major stores across the country immediately [in-fact one of our reader bought one yesterday only]. At 18K, Defy seems a decent buy as it is supposed to get Android 2.2 later in the year. So, who is buying it next? we are waiting for your reviews..


  1. Hi one of a retailer called me and gave me a info that the phone has arrived at his place. I will be going in the evening to check it out and update if I am buying it.
    Does anybody know if there changes in the phone launched in India. Is it going to have all that US specs speak … gorilla glass 3.7 screen, 1500mAH battery, dust proof/water resist etc etc … !


  2. purchased it yesterday via a dealer in Hyd. !!! Warning !!! There is a major defect. Hold your purchases. Here is what happened to me. Unboxed and switched on to configure and copy my contacts etc .. After some time the phone stuck with no alternative but to do a hardware reset. I pulled out the battery and plugged it in… It has so far never switched on ! I charged it for 4-5 hrs thinking that battery might be dry but did not help. Tried few forums to find out and tried all the remedies mentioned to do a hard reset and … I am going to return the handset or get it replaced today. I think its a genuine problem and all Indian handsets (made in Chennai) are going to face this issue. Please hold your purchases.


  3. I have no trust in Motorola Mobiles whatsoever. Have had experience with two Motorola mobiles, one for Rs 2600 and other worth 20000, and both died on me within a year.


  4. @Asad: Could you please tell where you bought it .. Actually I have called up some shops like Univercell they said they havn’t got the device at and it will be available in feb first week 😦


  5. hi guys .. finally I got defy replaced (sealed box replacement) The phone seems to be working fine.

    @kk I bought it in Hyderabad. (RSB accessories, Hyderabad) he is one of the motorola distributor in hyd.


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