Motorola Xoom to be launched in 23 days? Not likely

Rumors are running high about Motorola Xoom launch date. Engadget recently claimed that the device will be unveiled on February 17 in Best Buy stores.

Conversely, a run through the information available on the arrival of Honeycomb informs that the launch seems unviable before March. In that case, can a tablet sporting the same OS version arrive in stores early?

To put things in perspective, HTC is going to launch Flyer, a Gingerbread powered tablet in March, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with Gingerbread is going to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress with market availability around March only.

Not to forget, both HTC and Samsung manufacturers are Google’s very dear Android partners. Though, Google may have chosen Motorola as the launch partner for Honeycomb tablets but it doesn’t intend to leave the other allies too far behind that they are releasing Gingerbread tablets and Motorola Honeycomb tablets.

We seriously feel that Motorola Xoom will only be arriving sometime during March not before that. Though we would be glad if Xoom makes a surprise appearance in February.

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