Motorola Defy India launch on Jan 24 – Exclusive (Update)

Those of you waiting for Motorola Defy in India can finally be happy, as we are hearing that this rugged smartphone will start reaching stores the coming Monday.

This is coming from a tipster, who got it from a Motorola dealer that Defy will be available in stores from January 24. However, we could not confirm this but it is high time that Motorola launched this phone in India. According to the info, Motorola Defy will be priced around Rs 20,000.

Motorola Defy comes with Motoblur, Android 2.1 on-board, 3.7-inch touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera with autofocus, flash and OMAP 3610 chip running at 800MHz. On an interesting note, DEFY is dust proof and water resistant, together with having a scratch proof glass screen.

Motorola has already announced that Defy will be getting Android 2.2 update in Q2 2011. So, who is getting Defy??

Update: It seems Motorola Defy has started reaching stores, the price is around 19K. We are just waiting for the official Press Release.

Update 1: We have got the press release, Motorola just made Defy official in India for Rs 18,500.

Thanks ZXC


  1. no more products from Motorola…currently having Milestone XT720, which is permanently stuck on Eclair 2.1…..

    If Motorola does not care about their customers, we dont care for the brand,…..I would instead opt for HTC :))


  2. I was about to place order of this phone via ebay or amazon from US however if it is going to be available from 24th Jan in India, I can hold my purchase. Only thing i hope is it will be around 18K and not 20K cause if you order it from US it will cost only 18K.


  3. I like this phone a lot, its good it will be launched in India on 24th. My only concerned is it should not be more expensive than getting it from US and should be a value for money. When I compared it with LG Optimus chic, I didnot find much of a difference between two apart from bigger screen 3.7 instead of 3.2 and faster processor by 200 Mhz infact DEFY has android 2.1 and motorola is saying they will upgrade OS in 2011 Q2, at the same time LG Chic comes with Android 2.2 and is upgradeable to 2.3, I find Chic more value for money than DEFY.


  4. this phone has the potential to really sell – provided it is available at a street price of 17k or thereabouts, motorola delivers on quality / service and is serious about android updates (unlike all their previous models)…


  5. @TusharG
    optimus chic has a low resolution, crappy cpu+gpu (msm7227).. speed alone doesnt matter. while the defy has a much better cpu (omap 3610) and gpu (gsx530) with full flash support. also 2.2 upgrade is upcoming. so DEFY is much much better phone than anything else in that price range.


  6. @DigitalDude, You are right with added advantages like dust proof, water resistant, shock proof.. its the best phone avail in market today.. I just hope the price gets down to 17 or 18k..


  7. @Kritarth, you prooved yourselft the best fan of this fone, u just went out to check and bought it.. just use it for a week or two and let us know ur experience..



  8. @Kritarth, I was looking out for an official announcement for the India release for Defy, but couldn’t find any. Maybe it was only “soft launched”…

    Let me know which store you picked up your Defy from. 19k seems to be a sweet price..


  9. its a store called ‘telecom only’ on koramangala 80ft road. They said they got the handsets just today (they had many sets – jan 2011 manufactured)


  10. Is Motorola really give update to Motorola defy.Its words are like assurance of politicians,because its already shows its back by saying no update for most of its devices.
    For eg:Quench series,Back flip,flipout and for milestone also.
    It is use less to buy such a expensive phone without an update.


  11. Its a excellent Phone guy’s, i bought it from Hong Kong on the 3rd of this month, it cost me Rs.19700.

    @gokul: the Defy has a inbuilt memory of 1.2 Gb, that more than enough to hold any number of App’s 🙂


  12. @Kritarth, How much inbuilt memory is available for applications, since eclair doesn’t allow us to install app to sd card.


  13. For ear-piece defect:

    Message from Motorola Support Forum Manager

    “Well I wouldn’t say that either option is 100% valid. We have confidence that users with BT/BF on the label are not affected by the issue. Additionally the devices with the blue dot have been checked. They’re not likely to have the issue either.

    Motorola Support Forums Manager” i.e., Defy models with BT/BF or blue dot isn’t affected by this issue.

    @Kritarth, Does your label show above? Pl reply. Thanks!


  14. Sorry for late reply guys. The phone label (the one beneath the battery near the camera) says BT33 along with a small pen made dot (can’t really make out if its greyish blue or something like that) right above where it says made in china.

    I’m guessing this suffices. I don’t know why that dot is there when the model is already BT. (unless it is being put for all tested models)

    There are no problems in taking calls that I have seen for now.

    Anyways, given that manf date on this was Jan, I was reasonably confident going for it anyway.

    It might also be that this would have had something to do with the delay in the india launch (waiting for new batch to be manufactured) but that is just pure conjecture on my part.


  15. @Kritarth, Thanks for the reply. You are right, t’was a quick fire from your side. Appreciate it!

    Going by your first hand observation & Moto’s support forum manager’s reply, I think BT(33) + dot signifies ‘defect-free’ piece since the ear speaker issue was a big deal (translate: manufacturing flaw) for Defy. ’33’ may denote this exact same “defect-free” batch no. for India bound Defy phones or something. Shooting in the dark here!!

    But it all seems to add up – Motorola may have taken care of the problem before the models got shipped to India. Even then, do keep us posted about any eventful happening with this Android beauty .. & also .. about the all important 2.2 update.


  16. I purchased it yesterday via a dealer in Hyd.

    !!! Warning !!! There is a major defect. Hold your purchases.

    Here is what happened to me. I purchased it yesterday and switched on to configure and copy my contacts etc .. After some time the phone stuck with no alternative but to do a hardware reset. After I pulled out the battery and plugged it in It has so far never switched on !
    I charged it for 4-5 hrs thinking that battery might be dry but no effect. Tried few forums to find out and tried all the remedies … I am going today to return the handset or get it replaced.

    I think its a genuine problem and all Indian handsets (made in Chennai) are going to face this issue.

    Please hold your purchase.


  17. @Asad, Thanks for the warning. If you get it replaced, let us know how the new piece pans out. I am actually going out today to hunt down Defy in Pune but I think I’ll take an informed decision before I make my purchase. Thanks again for the tip.


  18. @rajiv,idea uses proxy server which won’t work in many cases when I connect it to pc only safari browser has worked. Try other operator.


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