HTC Sensation is the UI for HTC tablets [Update]

Update: HTC Pyramid to launch in Europe as HTC Sensation on April 12

HTC has been quite fond of its User Interface Sense, which it puts on Android smartphones, and was even installed on older Windows Mobile devices. Now, thanks to the trademark filing at Trade Marks and Design Registration Office of the European Union, we know that HTC is getting ready with a new UI for its Android tablets.

The trademark description:

Mobile phones, smartphones, wireless phones, wireless devices, portable computers and personal digital assistants, computer hardware and software for mobile, portable and wireless devices; user interface software; computer hardware and software for user interfacing, telecommunications and telecommunications services; computer hardware and software for transmitting and receiving voice, image, data, audio, video and multimedia content; wireless modems; headsets, headsets with wireless transmission function, connection cables, cradles, mounts, face plates, batteries, power adaptors, chargers, cases, in-vehicle chargers, in-vehicle holders, remote controls, keyboards, microphones, loudspeakers, leather pouches for mobile phones.

As you can see the description clearly states that this name can be used for User Interfaces, and HTC is about to launch three Android tablets, which will be launched starting April and HTC Sensation can be surely used as the UI name for these tablets. Considering that HTC Flyer is coming with Android 2.3, having an UI over Gingerbread certainly makes sense.

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