Read Tamil/Sinhala webpages with SETT Browser for Android

Thanks to a student’s efforts, Sinhalese and Tamil language users can now read the native language websites on their Android smartphones. Remember Android does not natively support any Indian subcontinent language apart from Hindi, which was also recently included in Android 2.3 SDK. So, the only way to read your native language webpages is using a web browser that supports these languages.

SETT is one such browser, which enable Android users to read Tamil and Sinhala on the go. This Browser has been developed based on the open-source project Ziro Browser. This can also be identified as a modified version of the Zirco Browser with the added functionality to render & display Sinhala/Tamil complex scripts.

I will not go in the technical details, which can be found at the project website. Basically, if you have an Android phone running on FroYo or more, you can read Tamil/Sinhala webpages pretty decenty, else if you have a device running on Éclair aka 2.1, then you can read them in Latin Script by transliterating the Sinhala/Tamil text.

Bitstream another company working on such products is bringing Bolt Browser, which will support Hindi, Bengali, Gurumukhi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam, Oriya languages, we saw a very early build at India Telecom 2010 and beta is expected this month.

Download SettBrowser [It is currently not available in Android Market]

Via Medianama

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  1. SETT rendering of Hindi is not good at the moment (as of 6 Nov. 2011) The diacritics are all out of place. The alternative is using opera mini (server bitmap rendering) I just hope that hindi support on android improves in future.


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