Notion Ink Adam Vs Motorola Xoom

Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb is almost here and the Android tablets will flood the market. But, at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show, we were impressed by two Android tablets. One of them is just launched Motorola Xoom, while one is Adam, which has been in our minds for quite some time.

Both these devices look fabulous on paper, as well as received some pretty good previews by bloggers at CES.  We have compiled a little specifications comparison to see, how these tablets perform when they face each other.   We do not see much of a difference apart from OS version, Camera and few odd bits, but it is up to you to see what you want, and which fits your requirement.


  1. Adam has Micro Sd to expand the internal memory, and replaceable batteries, costum made EDEN UI, PQ screen, good grip and better speakers.


  2. It is not the stock 2.2, but a customized build running the latest kernel (of 2.3) and is fully and well optimized for tablet. In other words it is not the smartphone 2.2 OS but is as good as and in some cases better than 3.0 OS.


  3. In addition to the above:
    the duration of batteries is not counted in here (Adam’s results are awesome), neither is the price. I can hardly imagine Motorola matching the very reasonable prices of the 4 variants of Adam.


  4. It is worth noting that the Adam’s 4 variants include 2 WiFi only options, one with standard LCD and one with Pixel Qi screen. The WiFi only options are a lower price and for many people with good WiFi coverage that means no need for a data plan on their mobile phone. I assme that means additional longterm savings for them. I like the larger internal memory on the Xoom but with the Micro SD slot I don’t suppose it really makes all that much difference and as card prices come down the advantage may well go to Adam in that regard.


  5. I preordered the Adam because of the Pixel Qi screen, but now I’m almost as excited about the grip. I really think the CES vids should the real benefit of Adam’s grip. Seems natural to hold.


  6. Xoom dominates.

    I pre-ordered Adam because of Pixel Qi. I’m hopping Adam is a super Kindle. Notion Ink, however, puts its efforts in the user interface Eden. I would prefer a plain vanilla honeycomb, but Eden is their dream and for now buying their dream is the only way to get a Pixel Qi screen on a tablet.


  7. The PixelQi screen is a big part of the tablets offering and i think it tips the edge over to the Adam. Being able to work in pretty much any lighting, using it as an ebook reader that is easy on the eye’s. Think Kindle 3 + Xoom in terms of functionality. Awesome product as long as they get it out there and support it.


  8. Still seems funny to me that everyone keeps comparing the Adam, which is available now, with what is “vapor hardware”, not yet available. I pre-ordered the 3g Pixel Qi, and can’t wait for it to get here. One of the things that reviewers seem to keep avoiding is how much less expensive the Adam is than ANY of the “heavy hitters”, all which are only available “some time this year”…DUH!!


  9. Motorola people told me at ces yesterday that there will be none with just wifi. Makes sense as they cannot live without the phone companies.


  10. We must also not forget that the most important applications that could be used by a end user has been heavily optimized by the NI Team

    The stock OS cannot multi-task as well as eden

    secondly the memory provided is mostly 8GB+ (so there could be variants provided)


  11. Adam is the superior tablet. Having the ability to transform to an e-ink screen and not being forced into a 3G monthly plan are 2 very important issues to me.


  12. All these big names don’t have release dates and no pricing info. If there’s pricing info, they’re priced expensive.

    Most importantly they will be available in summer or later int he year or early next year. None of them are production ready.

    And because of brand name, the whole world goes crazy over it.

    And Honeycomb (android 3.0) UI only has been revealed. Nothing about its multi-tasking and other OS related features.

    Browser app can’t compare with Adam. And sniffer’s equivalent in 3.0 wasn’t seen.

    And it is a shame to compare that unfinished product with Adam/Eden.


  13. not fair comparison… i can buy 3 adam in price of a xOOm (may be)… adam FTW!! its awesome buddy no doubt, only minus point is external LTE adapter


  14. Notion Ink Adam: Better Grip, Mystery feature, Heavily customised Eden UI, mixture between Android 2.2/2.3, Android 3.0 soon to be released, MicroSD card expansion, other internal memory variants (8GB+), PixelQi, great optimisation and most importantly an amazing price.

    A Spec to Spec comparison like this does not account for everything.


  15. Yeah Adam totally rocks! I loved the swivel camera, two cameras is such a waste. And a radio! He didn’t mention the radio!


  16. To add to what has already been listed (by Karen et al) please don’t forget that Adam manages a more logical/elegant solution to a-Camera-on-a-Tablet problem. Single camera, swivel, autofocus. Admittedly with a lower res. But, you can actually use it in a meeting/classroom, etc.
    Please don’t ignore the number of USB ports on the Adam. And why leave out its ability to act as a false digitizer. For those who may be unfamiliar with what this may refer to, please view the video on the following link from the NI’s official blog:


    Now how does the Adam compare Vs the Xoom?


  17. You missed a couple of ports for the adam. There is also a micro sd card slot and a sim card slot on the device. Making the adam a global device. Not locked to verizon either.


  18. I suspect (just expectation) that Notion Ink will support updating the software etc. much longer than Moto will.

    This is important to me. I like to get a good 2 years of life out of my products. Hate getting something and being abandoned as manufacturers move onto the next release…



  19. I have an Adam on pre-order. Can’t wait! Anyone know if I will be able to take my sim card out of my phone and use it in the Adam? What is the external 4g/LTE adapter mentioned above?


  20. Notion doesn’t use parallel processing, but only accesses the second core if the first is full. I think I’ll stick with the facts rather than listen to BS.


  21. Ergonomics goes to the adam hands down.

    Software is a bit of a draw, the eden ui/software is likely to be hacked and ported to other devies(if it proves useful) while honeycomb is likely to come to adam.

    Price is to be seen for the Xoom as well as at least 16/32 gb versions of adam. A wifi only version of the Xoom has been confirmed by a Motorolla GM in Latin America so that’ll hopefully lower the cost. On top of that Verizon will offer an unsubsidized month to month 3g/4g option so no contracts if you don’t mind paying full price.

    3g(and 4g) versions of both have their pros and cons. The adam (based on US) will only support AT&T 3g(which we’ve seen how well that works *rolls eyes*) while the Xoom will work with verizon(pricey= but at least it’ll be useable). Both will be about the same global wise when the xoom gets upgraded to LTE(which uses sim cards).

    The screens are for different target audiences. If you plan to be out doors (with a bright sun) a lot then the qi screen would likely be better suited. Inside or in the shade then the Xoom is better suited as the screen resolution/ quality is much higher. The lcd version of adam being a cheap substitute.

    Longevity based on manufacturer updates(as well as speed of updates) is a slight edge to Motorola. Based on Google’s involvement the Xoom appears to be the “Nexus of tablets”. Thats not to say NI will dump off adam and leave it but they will be playing catch up as a small team and they aren’t a stable company yet.

    Appearance I would personally give it to Xoom(opinion don’t shoot me). One of the things that I had liked about the adam early on was the thin bezel which has unfortunately grown. I also like the lack of buttons on the front of the Xoom.

    Over all winner though is the customers(lol sorry for the cheesy line). Both products fill a different niche and do what they do well. Looking forward to the next revisions on both products in the coming years.


  22. The Adam is locked out of the Android marketplace. You cannot use Marketplace with the Adam. That is a significant negative for the Adam, in my book.

    I do like the design and the PQi screen, but I am pretty sure no marketplace is going to be a real pain for its users.


  23. These both initially looked great to me, but there are dealbreakers for both IMO. Xoom is locked into a contract. No thanks, I already pay $100+ for a cell phone. At let’s say $30/month for the Xoom, that’s another $360/year that I’ll be paying Um, no.

    But the Adam doesn’t have access to the Andoid market! That’s like getting an iPad without any apps! What’s the point?!?! For some people that’s not a dealbreaker, but for me it is. Looks like I’ll continue to wait for something that fits my needs.


  24. Despite the specs…Notion Ink is the winner. Not locked to one carrier, removeable battery, indoor/outdoor screen, better sound quality, longer battery life and more…


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