Notion Ink Adam available for pre-order now; will you order?

Those of you were waiting to pre-order Adam Android tablet from Indian startup Notion Ink can now go to their website and place your orders.

Company is saying that it will ship the orders in around 6-8 weeks, which is somewhere around January-end, while Slashgear is reporting that orders may come around January first week.

Notion Ink has not been quiet clear about the whole process, and no real videos/pictures are still available, which can be seen before pre-ordering. We have seen the renders only till now, apart from some random shots of the non-working units.

I would personally advise everyone to wait for the tablet to reach market and hear the actual reviews and then go for it.


  • LCD Wi-FI only: $375.33
  • LCD Wi-FI + 3G: $425.33
  • Pixel Qi Wi-FI only: $499.45
  • Pixel Qi Wi-Fi + 3G: $549.99

If you are pre-ordering Adam right now, you should know that your credit card will be charged right now, however you can cancel orders subject to a 5% fee.

Company has made different telecom band versions to support the US 3G bands, as well as Europe or Asian 3G.

On the side note, Notion Ink seems to have forgotten India completely; they are charging $50 to ship the device in India. I would never pay that much to any company to ship a product in the country itself.


  1. Completely Agree. I will wait for it to come to Croma or something…Having only web store for a product company, and for an un-reviewed product, is crazy distribution strategy!!!


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