Micromax Andro is the cheapest Android phone in India at Rs 6,999

Micromax has finally made the price of its first Android smartphone Andro A60 official. Micromax Andro will be sold for a very affordable price of Rs. 6,999, which makes it the cheapest Android phone available in India.

Andro will come with Android 2.1, 2.8 inch resistive touchscreen, 3.2 MP camera, 600 Mhz processor and 2GB SD card in the box with 150 MB internal memory.

Check out our first hands on and unboxing images here, and wait for our full review, which is coming very soon.


  1. Sounds Promising for the common man. But it’s got an underclocked 600 MHz processor. And resistive touchscreen which is no match for the capacitive one. All in all, A nice effort 🙂

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    MICROMAX ANDRO A60, is one of the best mobile. It is my next mobile and myfirstandroidmobile also.



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  4. if this piece had video calling with all the present features. it would have been the the best feature packed budget android in india. wonder when micromax is launching android with video calling.


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