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Asus to launch Android Wear smartwatch in September: Report

Asus logoAfter LG, Samsung and Motorola, Asus is also gearing up to enter the Android Wear arena with the release of its own smartwatch later this year. A source close to Asus told TechCrunch that this smartwatch will be released sometime around September.

This isn’t the first time we are hearing about Asus’ plans to launch a smartwatch but we now know that the wearable will be running on Android Wear rather than some other platform. TechCrunch is also reporting that the smartwatch will be much cheaper than the existing options and will carry a price-tag in between $99 and $149, which will be quite enticing for the consumers.

Among other features, the Asus Android Wear watch is expected to include an AMOLED display. With not much to differentiate among Android Wear smartwatches, the main battle will be for the pricing, battery life and included sensors. If a company is able to do well on all three counts, then they will have a winner.

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