Motorola service centres in India revealed ahead of Moto G launch

Update: Since our original post, Motorola has been sold to Lenovo and the some of official service centers have changed. You can check out the latest Motorola Service Centre information at this link.

Earlier (May, 2014): Motorola is going to re-enter the Indian smartphone market this week with its Moto G smartphone. Like any other manufacturer, consumers have concerns about the after-sales service of Motorola in the country. Given its absence of the last more than a year, these concerns are not un-founded.

As we get closer to February 5 Moto G India launch, an updated list of Motorola Mobility service centres in the country has appeared on the company website. Spotted by one of our readers, this list reveals a total of 80 service centres across the country, which will be offering after-sales support to Motorola consumers.

These 80 centres are located in 21 states/ UTs out of the total 35, which is not a bad start but we hope the company soon reaches all states and union territories. We have embedded the list below, here is a direct link as well.

As you would have heard that Lenovo has agreed to buy Motorola Mobility from Google but if you are worried about how it might impact the Motorola operations in India, fret not. First of all, the deal still needs regulatory approvals etc., which will take some months, so until the deal is closed, it is going to be business as usual for Motorola. Google will continue to oversee Motorola operations during this period.

Secondly, after the completion of Motorola deal, Indian consumers don’t have worry about Lenovo as the company considers India an important market, thus it is one of the few markets when Lenovo currently sells its smartphones. So, Motorola phones are here to stay whether the company is under Google or Lenovo and consumers will continue to get service and support.

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