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Google to launch Intel-powered Nexus 8 tablet this year: Report

Google Nexus tabletIf a report from Digitimes is to be believed, Google is planning to launch an 8-inch Nexus tablet in 2014 instead of the usual 7-inch Nexus.

“Seeing its second-generation Nexus 7 demand has been impacted by competitors’ low-price 7-inch tablets, Google is planning to turn its focus to the 8-inch model market in mid-2014, according to sources from the upstream supply chain,” noted Digitimes in its report.

According to supply chain sources, the tablet won’t just be different from the Nexus 7 tablets in size but will also feature the Intel Bay Trail chip instead of a Qualcomm SoC.

If Google indeed launches a Nexus tablet with Intel-chip on-board, it will be a huge win for Intel and will give a big boost to the chip-maker, which is still struggling in the smartphone/ tablet arena. Intel has already revealed that the first Bay Trail Android tablets are arriving in Q2, so the timing matches with Nexus tablet announcement but we can’t be certain until we actually see the tablet.

Also, there is no word on the Nexus 8 maker but Asus is being said to have the best chance, given its close relationship with Google.  No other details are available at this point but we should be hearing more in the coming months.


One thought on “Google to launch Intel-powered Nexus 8 tablet this year: Report

  1. Adding Android to the Windows 8.1 and Baytrail mix.. EPIC..
    Posibilites : Nexus 8 = Baytrail + Android 5/4.5 + Windows 8.1

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