Sony teases Bravia Smart Stick with Google TV

Sony Bravia Smart Stick Sony is coming out with a new Google TV device very soon. The company earlier today posted a teaser for Sony Bravia Smart Stick, a Google TV dongle, on its official blog. The teaser has since been removed from the blog for some unknown reasons but the images of Bravia Smart Stick and a few key details are out in the open.

As per folks at Engadget, who spotted this teaser, Sony Bravia Smart Stick is basically an MHL dongle, which runs Google TV as well as Sony’s own Bravia apps. The company will also be bundling a remote with full QWERTY keypad along with this dongle and it looks like the same one, which was sold with previous Sony Google TV devices.

Smart Stick will come with all the standard Google TV features like voice control, cable/satellite integration and Google Play support. Sony is also introducing a “picture-and-picture” feature with Smart Stick, which allows users to see the Google TV web browser in one window and TV in another on the same screen.

Sony is expected to officially announce Bravia Smart Stick on Sunday, i.e. tomorrow, when the pricing and other details will be revealed. It would be interesting to see whether this new Google TV comes with the updated Android 4.2.2 based Google TV version, which despite getting announced in May this year is yet to appear on any device.

In related news, the official manual of the device is already up on the Sony website and lists the usual details like “how to use.” If you want to check it out, you can find it at this link.

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