HTC India officially launches HTC One dual-SIM for INR 53,590

HTC One dual-SIMHTC India today officially launched the dual-SIM version of HTC One smartphone in the country. Dubbed as HTC One dual-SIM, the smartphone has got a price-tag of INR 53,590.

Although the phone comes with maximum operating price (MOP) of INR 53,590, it is selling for as low as INR 46,257 at Flipkart, which was also the first retailer to list the phone around a month ago. The brick and mortar shops are also selling it at the same price.

According to a press release issued by the company, HTC One dual-SIM + packs CDMA and UMTS dual SIM capability, which allows consumers the freedom to use either a CDMA or a UMTS/GSM SIM card as the primary SIM.  The secondary SIM card can support GSM SIMs with Edge support.

Unlike the single-SIM version, HTC One dual-SIM + comes with microSD card slot, which can be used to add 64GB of additional storage on the phone. The smartphone itself includes 32GB of on-board memory.

Rest of the specifications of the phone are same as single-SIM version – 4.7-inch full HD display 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, NFC and Android 4.2 with Sense 5.0.

“Dual SIM smartphones are becoming more popular as they allow consumers to take advantage of the most effective network coverage in the vicinity of the user for the best possible connections,” said Jack Yang, President, HTC South Asia. “This not only makes working-on-the-go easier, but may also result in significant cost savings. Dual SIM smartphones like the HTC One dual SIM + makes it easy to track your mobile usage, and separate spending on work and personal usage.”

Tie up with Tata Docomo

Other important part of today’s announcement is the company’s tie up with telecom operator Tata Docomo for the release of HTC One dual-SIM +. The telco will be providing various exclusive offers to the HTC One dual-SIM + buyers on its network on both pre-paid and post-paid connections.

“Tata DOCOMO is delighted to partner with HTC to launch HTC One Dual SIM phone. This phone uses the dual networks (GSM & CDMA) of Tata DOCOMO to offer great data & voice experience to customers. Our innovative offerings will appeal to both individual and business customers who desire a data rich experience. This offering reiterates our efforts for providing great value for money for customers,” said Sunil Tandon, Head – Non Voice Services, Tata DOCOMO.


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