Motorola confirms Moto X smartphone, coming this summer

Dennis WoodsideGoogle’s Motorola Mobility unit CEO Dennis Woodside today confirmed the existence of the rumoured Moto X smartphone at AllThingsD’s D11 conference. He also said that the smartphone will assembled in the United States, making it the first smartphone to achieve this feat.

Motorola will be using a facility outside Fort Worth, Texas, that was previously used to build Nokia phones, for assembling its smartphones.

Woodside also revealed that this Moto X smartphone will come with an OLED display and will be released in October, however the company later issued a press release contradicting Woodside and noting a summer release. So, it is very likely that we will see Moto X much before October.

Moto X is going to be the company flagship product for this year and will compete with the likes of Galaxy line-up and iPhone, said Woodside.

This is not all; Motorola is also developing a whole portfolio of smartphones, which would cater to different segments.

Ditching tablets and focus on Americas

Dennis Woodside told AllThingsD on the side-lines of the D11 conference that the company is pulling back on tablets and will be mainly focusing on phones.

“A lot of what we know isn’t as important in the tablet. For now we haven’t been focused on that. That may change,” Woodside said.

Woodside noted that Americas – both North and South – will be the key focus area for the company, suggesting that its upcoming smartphones might not be released in other regions, especially the countries where it has already shut the shop like India.

Check out the full interview of Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside along with Regina Dugan, the head of advanced research for Motorola below.


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