HTC One India release delayed, to become available around May 20 (Update)

HTC One India ReleaseWaiting for HTC One in India, well we are too, but it is still some time away. HTC had earlier announced that HTC One will become available in the country before the end of April and the month is almost over with no HTC One in sight.

New information regarding HTC One availability suggests that India release of the phone has been delayed. If the HTC One listing on Saholic is to be believed, the phone will become available on May 7, 2013.

Seems like, despite the recent reports of HTC getting hold of the supply situation; the company is still struggling to get the required stocks. With the HTC One’s recent release in high-profile markets like US, the company is unable to get the inventory for a market like India, which is clearly not a priority for it right now.

With Galaxy S4 already available in India and massive marketing muscle of Samsung behind it, HTC has already lost half the game. Not only has Samsung priced Galaxy S4 more attractively, it has also made it available within 24 hours of the official launch. On the other hand, HTC One was announced in the country almost three weeks ago for INR 42,900 and the phone is still nowhere to be seen.

Update: Today is May 7th and HTC One is still not available in India and Saholic has also updated their listing, which now suggests arrival on May 15 (but we are not sure about Saholic anymore as they were wrong the first time).  Reports from brick and mortar retailers however indicate that HTC One might become available around May 20.



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